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Good Website Design Tips

Anyone can design a website, right?  With design packages like DreamWeaver and FrontPage out there it certainly seems like you ought to be able to design your own site.  However, the reality is that website design has become a highly specialized field, incorporating: graphic arts, programming, security and search engine optimization. 

Good design tips include:

  • Contrast - make sure your website has proper contrast
  • Call to Action - make sure visitors have a way of becoming clients
  • Keywords - decide before you begin and stuff them EVERYWHERE!
  • Learn Good SEO - take the time to learn the special SEO tricks which professionals use to compete
  • Hire a Professional - websites have become as specialized as any other field.

What to avoid:

  • Distracting content - bright colors and movement which do not get your point across or make the sale. 
  • Losing Focus - make sure you never get in the way of making the sale. 
  • Having "friends" build your company website - ultimately you end up looking unprofessional and losing control of your website

Website design has become a specialized art including the need to know:

  • HTML - hyper text markup language which splits content from formatting - brilliant!
  • Photoshop - or a similar graphics program
  • CSS - styling should always be split into another layer called Cascade Style Sheets.  Very complex but flexible!
  • Javascript - used to do programming in the browser it can make just about anything happen.  This will be replaced eventually by new HTML specs.
  • Server Side Scripting - PHP or ASP is extremely powerful and necessary for any website using a database. 
  • Security - an extremely in-depth knowledge is necessary these days.

Websites have become an unavoidable part of every business.  They are extremely complex and inter-disciplinary.  Study for years or simply hire a professional, but make sure you can edit your website yourself.  It will save you money in the long run.

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